New company name!

During 2016 Infrafone AB merged with SootTech AB, a company developing and delivering optimization solutions for steam sootblowers. The merger has expanded the product portfolio, now covering a wide range of application areas. In connection, the decision was taken to change the company name to Wave Impact Heat Management AB.


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Sootblower optimization in black liquor recovery boiler

The Gruvön Mill has since installing HISS optimized steam sootblowing 11 months ago been operating their 2700 TDS/day BLRB on 7 % higher average load than the previous year. At the same time steam consumption of the steam soot blowers has been reduced by 30 %. Contact us for a detailed case description.


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Advances in smoke tube boiler cleaning

Our standardized solution for fire tube boiler cleaning is gaining higher and higher market acceptance. During the second half of 2016 four new plants were equipped. The aim is typically to increase cleaning effect compared to air shots, as for Nässjö Affärsverk plant. Typical results are increased boiler efficiency, fewer stops for manual cleaning of the smoke tube boiler and stabilized outlet temperature, as for the boilers at Sandviken Energi and Tidaholm Energi.


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CDQ economizer cleaning, 20 year anniversary!

20 years have now passed since installing infrasound generators for keeping clean the fin-tube economizers in three CDQ (Coke Dry Quenching) boilers at SSAB(former Ruukki) plant in Raahe, Finland. During all these years the automatic cleaning system has prevented fouling and clogging that previously occured.

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High Dust SCR cleaning

After more than a year of operation we conclude fantastic results from the infrasound acoustic cleaning system installed 2015 on two coal fired boilers in Poland. Despite the difficult application with high dust load, 32 g/Nm3, the differential pressure is kept low and stable without need for manual cleaning. Read more about the details on our Reference page.

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Order booking record!

Q2 poses new order booking record!
Second quarter of 2016 turns out to be the highest order booking quarter in many years. In total 14 orders were booked since April, originating from Waste to Energy, Coal fired, Biomass and Marine sectors. Orders coming mainly from Europe, but also from the US and from Asian countries demonstrating a success in the company´s strategy focusing on international markets.

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Panndagarna conference 2016 in Karlstad, Sweden

During April 12-13 the conference Panndagarna will be held in Karlstad, Sweden. This is a conference that illuminates new technology in the energy industry.

The conference attracts about 150 participants, where Infrafone is one of them. Infrafone will be exhibiting which means you will have a great opportunity to explore Infrafone’s technologies, come by our booth and learn more about infrasound cleaning.

Click here for more info about the conference.

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International Biomass Conference & Expo

During April 11-14 the largest biomass conference in the world, International Biomass Conference & Expo, will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is a good chance to get to know new Technology in the biomass industry.

Infrafone will be exhibiting which means you will have a great opportunity to explore the Infrafone technology, come by us at booth 628 and learn more.

Click here to see the agenda of the conference.

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Soot Fire Exhaust Gas Boiler, EGB

Fouling (soot deposits) on the exhaust gas boiler tubes can result in soot fire, which in extreme cases can develop into iron fire that causes the entire boiler to burn.

The soot particles in the exhaust gas boiler are unavoidable, since the exhaust gas contains soot particles. What can be made instead is preventing the particles from depositing on the exhaust gas boiler tubes, and thereby preventing fouling. Infrasound cleaning has proven to be an efficient method in preventing fouling, and thereby reducing the risk of soot fire. The infrasound cleaning acts proactive, never letting the soot particles rest on the exhaust gas boiler tubes.

To read more about what causes a soot fire, download MAN’s white paper about soot fire in exhaust gas boilers. Visit our knowledge base to learn more about infrasound cleaning.

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