Cleaning technology

We offer Optimized steam soot blowing and Infrasound cleaning

Operation analysis

"Big data" analysis of boiler operational data, for optimized operation of boiler and cleaning systems

CFD and noise expertise

CFD analysis of flue gas flow and solutions for noise and vibration

How Infrasound Cleaning Works

Low frequency acoustic cleaning, developed by Swedish company Infrafone, is used primarily for cleaning economizers, air preheaters, catalysts (SCR), smoke tube boilers and ducts. The low frequency sound offers outstanding cleaning range. A single unit covers large areas e.g. a whole back pass.

How Optimized steam sootblowing works

Our optimized steam sootblowing is used for saving up to 50 % steam or increasing the cleaning effect by operating the soot blowers more often while maintaining steam consumption. Our optimization system offers more soot blower starts than any other system on the market.

ISO 2015 certificate


Our customers experience both financial and environmental improvements.

Marine applications

We have vast experience from crusie and cargo vessels. See our Reference list

Energy and Power

We have lots of references within bio-fuel, coal, waste-to-energy and black liquor recovery boilers.

Return of Investment

We help our potential customers form a solid decision basis by calculating the savings related to using our systems.