new orders june

A busy spring with a lot of orders coming in

It’s truly been a busy spring with many orders coming in, and we’ve put a lot of time and effort in exploring new business areas where we see a lot of potential in the future.

Among our recent received orders, we are happy to announce that several are from key-areas, both technological and geographical. In particular two new orders in markets that we believe have great potential, for a SCR in a cement plant, and one in a waste gasification process in Finland.

List of orders:

  • Economizer and air preheater on a coal-fired boiler in Indonesia were Infrasound cleaning will allow for higher thermal efficiency and steam saving.
  • High dust SCR on Cement plant in Germany – Infrasound cleaning to deal with the high fouling rate
  • SCR for oil fired boiler in Cyprus.
  • Upgrade on HISS steam soot blowing on a recovery boiler in Sweden.
  • Infrasound for cleaning of economizer and evaporator on biomass boiler in Sweden
  • Operation analysis of large biomass plant in Sweden.
  • Infrasound for cleaning of economizer and evaporating banks in WtE boiler in Germany.
  • Pre-study to determine the conditions to use Infrasound in the glass industry

By preventing deposits, thus increasing lifetime and efficiency of catalyst element and all types of heat exchangers, Heat Management contribute to a more sustainable industry.

Are you interested in how we can increase the efficiency of your boiler, please check out our reference list or take a closer look at our newly recorded webinar that highlights the new profitable method for improved equipment efficiency