Heat Management – About The Company

Our business idea is to help our customers increase efficiency, availability or lifetime of power plants and marine boilers through optimization of soot cleaning and boiler operation analysis. By optimizing steam soot blowing systems or harnessing the power of infrasound we offer cleantech solutions optimal for most applications.

Our history

Heat Management was formed after merging Infrafone AB and SootTech AB in 2016, to broaden the offer for optimizing heat and power boilers. Infrasound Acoustic Cleaning which comes from Infrafone AB, is suitable for the colder parts of boilers, such as economizers, air preheaters and SCR (catalysts). Our optimized soot blowing comes from SootTech AB and is used for reduction of soot blowing steam or increasing cleaning effect primarily in high temperature areas, such as superheater.

Our work with Sustainability

By optimizing the soot blowing systems or analysing operational data in detail we achieve significant improvements of boiler efficiency, availability och life-time. Such improvements not only increase the profitability of power- and heating plants but also reduce emission, resulting in more environmentally friendly energy production.

Meeting UN’s Global Goals

Heat Management’s technology meets 7 and 9 of the UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

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