Our quality policy

Wave Impact Heat Management with Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden develops and markets worldwide quality-assured soot cleaning systems in order to improve the efficiency, availability and lifetime of industrial and marine boilers. In this way, Wave Impact Heat Management aims to contribute to a more effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy generation.

We maintain that our sales success is directly linked to our quality. We believe that quality is defined by our customer perception and it means to us delivering products and services that address our customer needs and live up to their expectations regarding high return on investment, functionality, reliability, in-time delivery, environmental friendliness and excellent service.

We believe that the highest quality can only be achieved by defining and complying with the following ground rules:

  • Compliance with the existing legislation.
  • Application of high safety standards.
  • Our employees and their competence and dedication are the company’s biggest asset.
  • Continuous product and process development and improvement are essential.
  • Market proximity through constantly on-going customer dialogue.

ISO 2015 certificate