Automatic fouling/plugging prevention for black liquor recovery boilers at ABTCP 2018

Heat Management will be at ABTCP in São Paulo Oct 23rd-25th, together with Elof Hansson, presenting the latest experiences and the fouling prevention of tomorrow.

For recovery boilers large savings are possible by optimizing the existing steam sootblowing system. More than 90% of the cleaning by a sootblower takes place during the sootblower’s initial stroke. When the sootblower is retracted, 50% of the steam is used unnecessarily at the same time as the soft ash is sintered into concrete-like deposits

•  Halve your steam consumption
•  Increase you production of electricity
•  Double your sootblowing power
•  Use cheaper fuel

Results obtained in Recovery boilers:

tabell HISS

Heat Management complete offering consists of:

  • Preventive low frequency acoustic cleaning Typically used in ECO, SCR and ducts.
  • Optimizing rebuild of steam soot blowers for soot blowing more often or reducing steam consumption by local control of the steam supply to each sootblower. Enabling overlapping sootblowing which enables increasing the number of soot blower starts in critical areas.
  • Big data operation analysis for detailed study of the operational parameters of the boiler.
  • CFD flow analysis for studying e.g problems related to uneven distribution of flue gas flow.


The ABTCP – Brazilian Technical Association of Pulp and Paper – is an organization whose mission is to promote the technological development of the pulp and paper production chain in a sustainable and innovative way, through technical information and relationship training.