Air Preheaters

Infrafone Sonic Soot Cleaning can be used to keep both rotary and tubular Air Preheaters clean by preventing soot accumulation on tubes and elements. By applying Infrafone Sonic Soot Cleaning on Air Preheaters the use of conventional cleaning systems can be reduced or even eliminated.

The reduced use of conventional cleaning systems such as steam soot cleaning and shot cleaning that are highly abrasive and require extensive maintenance will result in:

  • Reduced steam consumption for steam soot cleaning. Increase energy production or reduce fuel costs while production is maintained.
  • Increased lifetime of tubes and elements. Non-abrasive sonic cleaning increases the lifetime of tubes and elements by reducing the need for conventional cleaning systems. Infrafone Sonic Cleaning does not contribute to corrosion or erosion of tubes and elements.
  • Lower and more stable differential pressure. Infrafone Sonic Cleaning system reaches areas that are not accessible to conventional soot cleaning systems. This leads to reduced soot accumulation and reduced power consumption of ID/FD fans.
  • Fewer outages for manual cleaning. Increased availability and energy production.

What makes infrasound the optimal choice of soot cleaning for Rotary (Ljungström) air preheaters?

The operation and maintenance costs of the conventional steam soot blowers for rotating air preheater are relatively high as they consume valuable steam for operation, they only provide a local cleaning effect and will therefore need regular stops for manual cleaning. Read about the differences between Infrasound soot cleaning technology for Rotary (Ljungström) air preheaters and conventional soot cleaning methods, click here!