Biomass fired boilers

Heavily reduced or eliminated steam soot blowing or shot cleaning, increased availability, reduced maintenance costs and increased lifetime of heat exchangers.

Biofuel boilers are used to create energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the use of various types of biofuel. This fuel offers challenges in order to reach high efficiency and availability. Biofuel normally tends to create gas-side fouling in all parts of the boiler.

Infrasound sonic cleaning offers a cost-effective and efficient greentech solution for preventing soot accumulation in boilers, thus reducing the need for conventional soot cleaning systems that wear the heat exchangers and require lots of maintenance. Typical applications for Infrasound cleaning on biofuel boilers are economizer, air preheater, SCR and smoke tube boiler.

Our optimized steam soot blowing is used for saving soot blowing steam or increasing cleaning effect, mainly in warmer areas such as superheaters.

Some of the benefits our soot cleaning system brings to the customer are:

  • Reduced steam consumption for steam soot blowing. Saved soot blower steam is used for increasing heat or electricity production.
  • Lower fuel consumption. Cleaner tubes mean increased heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Lower and more stable differential pressure. Infrasound cleaning reaches areas that are not accessible to conventional soot cleaning systems. This means higher availability of the boiler and lower load on ID/FD fans.
  • Fewer and shorter outages for manual cleaning. With improved cleaning effect you can obtain higher availability and fewer man-hours spent.
  • Increased lifetime of heat exchangers. By reducing or eliminating steam soot blowing or shot cleaning, the lifetime of heat exchangers is prolonged. Infrasound cleaning is a non-abrasive cleaning method that does not wear on heat exchange surfaces or catalyst elements and does not contribute to corrosion or erosion. Using our optimized steam soot blowing also reduces wear since steam is supplied only half the time.

How can HISS™ support the operation on my Biomass boiler?

For a visualization of the benefits using HISS™, in a biomass boiler, please download the animation which in detail describes the technology and the benefits.

Download Business Case

The following Business Case describes how the profitabillity for a biomass-fired boiler was increased by lowering the fuel cost and reduced wear of the boiler when a solution based on infrasound technology was implemented. This was done at the same time as the ekonomizer was changed for the third time for this power plant. Read more about the savings that the customer realized. For downloading the report please click here.

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