Coal fired boilers

Typical applications for the Infrasound Cleaning in coal fired boilers are Economizers, Air Preheaters (Ljungstrom, Rothemuhle, tubular) and Catalysts. Our HISS system for optimizing steam soot blowing is used for saving soot blowing steam or increasing cleaning effect, mainly in warmer areas such as superheaters.

Some of the benefits that our systems can give the customer:

  • Reduced steam consumption for steam soot cleaning. Increased production or reduced fuel costs while production is maintained.
  • Lower and more stable differential pressure. Infrasound Cleaning reaches areas that are not accessible to conventional soot cleaning systems.
  • Fewer stops for manual cleaning. Increased availability and energy production.
  • Increased lifetime of heat exchangers. Non-abrasive sonic cleaning increases the lifetime of heat exchangers by reducing the need for conventional cleaning systems. Infrasound Cleaning does not contribute to corrosion or erosion of heat exchangers. Using our HISS optimization of steam soot blowing also reduces wear since steam is supplied only half the time

Read about our unique solutions for Coal fired power stations here (click document):

A business case is available here:

This report describes an example of how the profitability for a coal-fired boiler was increased by lowering the fuel costs and reduced wear of the boiler when a solution based on infrasound technology was implemented. Read more about what the result was and the cost savings. For downloading the report please click here.