High Impact Soot System for Recovery Boilers

High Impact Soot System (HISS™)

The patented HISS technology, originally developed by the company SootTech, transforms your steam sootblowing system into an effective tool that supports the surface cleanability and reduce the risk for sintering and also increases the efficiency of your recovery boilers.

•  Decrease your steam consumption
•  Increase your production of green energy; heat or electricity
•  Double your sootblowing power and eliminate your bottle neck

Increased soot blowing power 

More than 90% of the cleaning by  a sootblower takes place during the sootblower’s initial stroke. When the sootblower is retracted, 50% of the steam is used unnecessarily. With HISS  a new sootblower comes into operation, as the steam is “turned off” on the previous sootblower. This means we can double the amount of soot blower starts with the same amount of steam.

With HISS each steam soot blower is controlled separately, which means that each and every steam sootblower will be operated individually, and depending on the location, it will either be operated more frequently or less frequently.

Each pulp mill and recovery boiler is unique. Sometimes the agenda is to only maximize the energy production, and sometimes the objective is to steam soot blow more often – and most often the agenda is a mix of both.

High impact soot blowing for recovery boilers

The recovery boiler is essential for the economy and sustainability in a chemical pulping mill.

The boiler availability and reliability is key to the mill competitiveness. Fouling management of fireside deposits in recovery boilers is a sticky matter, since the complex firing of black liquor create difficult deposits on heating surfaces and strongly depends on operating conditions. If these deposits sinter to hard permanent deposits, the overall equipment efficiency is deteriorated.

Therefore, it is always important to slow down the initiation of the sintering process. If a recovery boiler starts to have problem with increased flue gas temperatures and differential pressures, it is too late, and eventually, the boiler needs to shut-down and a water wash needs to take place. This means the mill loose important production capacity and have to take the cost of reactive maintenance.

High-pressure steam removing the fouling on the heating surfaces

The high-pressure steam in the steam soot blower removes the fouling on the heating surfaces at first impact of the steam, on the forward stroke. During the return stroke the cleaning effect is almost none, meaning high-quality steam is wasted.

With the patented HISS™ solution, an actuator is mounted on the steam valve, and close the steam flow to a minimum on the return stroke. The excess steam will be used more efficiently elsewhere. Either by generating renewable electricity or by using the steam in the mill processes, like the paper or drying machine. We call this solution HISS™ Essentials.

Looking for increased boiler cleanability?

If increased boiler cleanability is the main goal, the patented HISS™ Essentials can be coupled with an automation solution to allow the next soot blower in the cycle, to start as the second steam soot blower changes direction. This ensures that no pressure peaks are generated in the steam header and minimal regulation of the header pressure valves. We call this “overlapping operation” of the steam soot blowers.

By implementing the “overlapping operation” solution thanks to HISS™, it is possible to perform double amount of steam soot blower operations, with almost the same amount of steam. We call this HISS™ Advanced.

The HISS™ Advanced system also have some additional features. One of them is the ability to control each steam soot blower individually. This means we, in more challenging areas such as super-heaters and boiler bank, decide to operate the steam soot blower up to 4 or 5 times more frequently, in order to keep the area clean.

High impact soot system

An operator interface panel showing the results

Soot blowers are the most maintenance demanding equipment of the recovery boiler and with that in mind, we have developed an operator interface panel, that concisely show the current status of each steam soot blower and keep track of potential coming maintenance needs.

The system collects the time since last maintenance and the operational parameters showing the data on an easy visible display.  We call this feature HISS™ Performance Panel.

Works on all soot blower valves/brands

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