Article from – Berliner Abfallwirtschafts- und Energiekonferenz 2014

Preventing deposits in boilers is a complicated topic that many power plant managers and operators are struggling with. There are a number of different technologies available for efficient soot cleaning such as steam soot blowing, shot cleaning, detonation cleaning and sonic horns. On January 27th-28th 2014 Infrafone will present the infrasound soot cleaning technology on Berliner Abfallwirtschafts- und Energiekonferenz in Berlin. We will inform which applications that are preferably cleaned using Infrasound and the effectiveness. An article about our technology will be published in connection with this conference. You can read it here, in English or in German. If you want to down load the presentation that we did at the event you can click here for an English version or click here for a German version.