Article release of the VGB Powertech International Journal for Electricity and Heat Generation about infrasound technology Aug 2013

VGB Powertech International Journal for Electricity and Heat Generation no 8. 2013 includes an article about infrasound technology from the VGB seminar about Thermal Waste Incineration in Hürt/Knapsack, Germany, that was held in November 2012. The Chief Technical Officer, Martin Ellebro at Infrafone AB, gave a presentation in November 2012 at the VBG Thermal Waste Incineration seminar about how to increase the profitability of the power and heat plants thru efficient soot cleaning with infrasound technology. Efficient soot cleaning can leadt to many advantages in terms of decreased operational costs, increased revenue, improved work environment as well as a more enviromment friendly soot cleaning process in a power or heat plant. CTO Martin Ellebro examplified with a number of Infrafone customer references of how the soot cleaning process had been improved and had led to an improved profitability of the plants. The interest for the presentation was large and a lot of questions was asked by the audience. The VGB Powertech asked Infrafone to write an article about the infrasound technology and included this in the August release of their monthly publication on technical subjects. If you want to down load the article please click here.