Birka Paradise

Owner/Manager: Birka Cruise Line
Vessel type: Passenger Cruise
Main engines: 4 x Wärtsilä 6L32
Auxiliary engines: 4 x Wärtsilä 6L32
Economizer: 2 x Unex G-115 after Main Engines and 4 x G-134 after Auxiliary Engines
Catalyst reactor: 8 x Sinox – Systems
Installation year/s: 2004
Infrasound generators: 2 x APM150 after main engines, 4 x APM70 after auxiliary engines,
2 x APM70 after oil fired burners
Cleaning area: Economizer, Catalyst and deck

Infrafone’s Cleaning System was installed onboard Birka Paradise in Aker yard shipyard (STX) 2004 when the ship was under construction. The objective of the installation was to keep boilers, catalysts, gas ducts and passenger deck free from soot.

Some of the benefits that the Infrasound Cleaning System has brought to the customer are:

  • No need for other soot cleaning methods such as steam soot blowing, chemicals or manual waterwashing for the economizer and catalyst.
  • No soot on deck.
  • Reduced wear of economizer tubes and catalyst surfaces, thus prolonging their lifetime.
  • Effective neutralisation of NOx emissions due to high performance of the cleaning system.
  • Reduced maintenance and related maintenance costs of economizers and catalysts.