Catalysts (SCR)

SCR equipment won’t work unless the gases contact the catalyst. Therefore, keeping the catalyst clean is a critical part of the design process. Proper cleanliness of the catalyst surface is actually critical not only to maximum reactor efficiency, but can even have a significant impact on overall power plant performance. An efficient cleaning system is extremely important, but there are other factors to take into consideration. One of them is the ability to prevent damage to catalyst surfaces –like eroding the typically sensitive ceramic or ceramic coated surfaces within the reactor sticks-, and another one is the ability to maintain a high degree of reliability with minimal maintenance.

Infrafone sonic soot cleaning provides cleaner surfaces within the SCR in a harmless way for the ceramic surfaces, even those which cannot be reached by conventional soot cleaning systems. The benefits that you can count on are the following:

  • Effective neutralization of the NOx emissions. This means compliance of the regulatory demands.
  • Reduced erosion of the ceramic surfaces. Non-abrasive Sonic Soot Cleaning reduces maintenance costs of the SCR and prolongs its lifetime.
  • High reliability of the cleaning system. Infrafone Sonic Soot Cleaning has a simple and reliable mechanical construction, which leads to high dependability for the entire energy production process.
  • Minimal maintenance of the cleaning system. A reduced number of the required outages for the maintenance of the Sonic Soot Cleaning System ensures the proper function of the SCR.

What makes infrasound the optimal choice of soot cleaning method for catalysts?

To meet future emission levels it is important to keep the catalyst as clean as possible to maximize its efficiency. In catalysts, where the flue gas temperature is relatively low, Infrasound soot cleaning is a method that can result in substantial savings due to its physical properties. The major advantage is that the infrasound technology keeps the low temperature applications cleaner due to its global cleaning effect compared to conventional cleaning methods since these methods only provide a local cleaning effect. Read about the differences between Infrasound soot cleaning technology for catalyst’s (SCR’s) and conventional soot cleaning methods, click here!