Clonmel Ireland

Location: Clonmel, Ireland
Plant information: MDF plant
Capacity: 2x 25 MWth
Bioler manufacturer: Kvaerner Power
Boiler type: Grate
Fuel: Bark, sander dust & wood chips
Installation year: 2006
Infrasound generators: 2 x APL1000 och 2 x APM70
Cleaning area: Fin tube ECO & multicyclone

Before the installation of the Infrasound generators, the multi cyclone and the fintubed economizer were cleaned every 6-8 weeks due to increasing flue gas dP. The economizer is also cleaned with steam soot blowers. After the installation the eco and multi cylone are cleaned once per year.

Some of the benefits that the Infrasound Cleaning System has brought to the customer are:

  • Greatly increased availability of the boilers, from 6 manual cleaning stops per year to only 1
  • Greatly reduced OPEX due to reduced amount of stops
  • Low and stable dP, resulting in less power on the flue gas fan