E.ON Händelöverket, Sweden

Location: Norrköping, Sweden
Plant information: Heating Plant (HP)
Capacity: 75 MWth, Boiler 14
Boiler manufacturer: Kvaerner Power(Metso)
Boiler type: CFB
Fuel: Domestic and industrial waste
Installation year/s: 2006
Sonic Cleaner/s: 1 x APX5000
Cleaning area: 1x Economizer

Händoleverket supplies Norrköping with environmentally friendly district heating along a 350 km long district heating network.

During 2005 the availability of the waste boiler was 7600 hours due to the need of outages for maintenance work. In addition to the two planned outages it was necessary to stop the waste boiler two extra times to clean it. When soot built up, the differential pressure across the economizer increased, which caused the effect of the flue gas fan to increase and the efficiency of the boiler to decrease. During the outages it was necessary to water wash the economizer in order to remove the soot deposits on the tubes. During normal operation the economizer was cleaned three times per day with 6 steam soot blowers.

Some of the benefits that the Sonic Soot Cleaning System has brought to the customer are:

  • Higher availability of the boiler. The differential pressure is stable on a low level, which increases the availability of the boiler and decreases the effect on the flue gas fan.
  • Lower steam consumption. The 6 steam soot blowers are redundant -however, they are being tested once a month in order to maintain the steam soot blower system-.
  • Decreased wear on economizer tubes. This means lower maintenance costs of the boiler.