energia 2018

Exhibiting and presenting at Energia 2018 in Tampere, Finland

Heat Management representative ProBoreal will be exhibiting on Energy 2018 (Energia 2018) in Tampere, Finland on October 23-25. ProBoreal will also be presenting on Recovery boiler conference Soodakattilapäivä on the 25th of October. The topic is “Unplugging recovery boilers”, describing our technologies for optimizing the sootblowing systems of recovery boilers.

Energia 2018 is the number one energy event in Finland, gathering the best technology and machinery, toughest experts and operators and the most current topics within the field of energy. Energia 2018 offers the latest and most accurate information on energy production, transmission, distribution and storing.

Soodakattilapäivä is held by the Finnish Recovery Boiler Committee 

The Finnish Recovery Boiler Committee has promoted safe, economic and environmentally friendly operation of recovery boilers and closely related processes since 1964.

The Committee collects information about incidents involving recovery boilers and provides details of these to its members. It publishes guidelines, recommends practices and arranges conferences and meetings. The Committee also conducts and supports research projects related to safe operation and improved economy of recovery boilers.

The members of the Committee include pulp mills, recovery boiler manufacturers, a number of insurance companies and automation system suppliers, engineering companies and research organisations in Finland.

We hope to see many of you in Tampere!

About Heat Management

Heat Management complete offering consists of:

  • Preventive low frequency acoustic cleaning. Typically used in ECO, SCR and ducts.
  • Optimizing rebuild of steam soot blowers for soot blowing more often or reducing steam consumption by locally controlling the steam supply to each soot blower. Enabling overlapping sootblowing which increases the number of possible soot blower starts in critical areas.
  • Big data operation analysis for detailed study of the operational parameters of the boiler.
  • CFD flow analysis for studying e.g problems related to uneven distribution of flue gas flow.