Finspång, waste, Sweden

Location: Sweden
Plant information: Heating Plant (HP)
Capacity: 10 MWth
Boiler manufacturer: Babcock & Wilcox Vølund
Boiler type: Grate
Fuel: Domestic and Industrial Waste
Installation year/s: 2009
Infrasound generators: 1 x APM350
Cleaning area: 1x Economizer

The installation in the Waste-to-Energy plant was carried out after the successful results obtained in a previous Infrafone installation in a 15 MWth Biofuel boiler also in Finspång during 2008. The waste incinerator in Finspang consists of a furnace, an empty duct with tube walls, a first economizer duct (ECO1–>ECO2), a second economizer duct (ECO3–>ECO5) and a baghouse filter. Each economizer duct is equipped with shot cleaning. Prior to the installation of the Infrafone cleaning system, the shot cleaning was operated 24 hours a day. Dust was collected vertically between the tubes or under the tubes in the economizer areas. The shot cleaning system required considerable maintenance. Moreover, the shots were eroding the tubes. The duct after the second economizer to the baghouse filter also got a thick layer of soot. The infrasound generator is installed in the flue gas turning chamber between both economizers. Some of the benefits that the Infrasound Cleaning System has brought to the customer are:

  • Reduced use of the shot cleaning system with 75%. Shot cleaning is still running in order to remove the hard ash accumulated in the soot pocket under the first economizer (with flue gas temperature around 600 C). The staff is exploring new ways of removing this ash in order to be able to shut down shot cleaning.
  • Reduced wear of economizer tubes.
  • The duct between the economizer and the baghouse is considerably cleaner now.