Heat Management getting into the olive oil industry

Heat Management bring in business in Spain

Spain is an interesting market in many aspects for Heat Management, partly because of it’s strong chemical pulp production industry, but also due to having many biofuel boilers.

Since the olive oil industry is strong in Spain, a common fuel is based on olive residues. The fuel is rich in energy, but can cause severe problem with deposits and fouling in the boiler system. In order to reduce down-time for manual cleaning, Infrasound cleaning will now be used to minimize the problems.

Heat Management has now taken the first order within the Spanish olive based fuel industry.

The target is to improve efficiency, reduce down-time and generally improve the process. The fuel is renewable and environmental friendly, which makes it attractive to use.

Big thanks to our partner Per Hörnstein

Our partner in Spain is Sotgar, who’s owner Per Hörnstein is Swedish, but is living in Spain since many years.

Per Hörnstein has a long experience from the process industry, and a lot of knowledge of combusting systems and boilers. 

He graduated from Chalmers Technical University, in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1974 as a Chemical Engineer. He then joined what is today called AFRY as project manager.

After this Per decided to focus on the Pulp and Paper Industry and worked for the company Clark & Vicario with sales and marketing. Clark & Vicario was purchased by Ahlstrom 1989, and Per moved to Spain the same year and became the President for Ahlstrom in Spain. He then joined Kvaerner 1996 and became the MD in Spain. Later in 1996 he decided to start Sotgar.

Per has an excellent network in Spain, reaching most of the boilers in Spain so we at Heat Management are very happy to work with Sotgar and Per.