ISO 14001 Certified

Heat Management meeting the ISO 14001 standards

We are proud to inform that we are now certified according the ISO14001, the international standard for an effective environmental management system.

The main purpose with ISO 14001

The certification is well in line with our efforts in making pulp mills and power- & heating plants more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

These are the ISO 14001 requirements

ISO 14001:2015 covers the following topics with regards to environmental management systems:

·         Context of the organization

·         Leadership

·         Planning

·         Support

·         Operation

·         Performance evaluation

·         Improvement

Top reasons that you should implement ISO 14001 in your organization 

Having a well-defined Environmental management system is key for having a systematic approach to compliance. These days we all think about our environmental impact and using this system will not only benefit the environment but will also reduce costs and improve efficiency within the organisation.

Getting ISO 14001 certified – Start with these things 

If you are already ISO9001 certified it will be fairly easy to add ISO14001 requirements in your quality management system. A GAP analysis performed by a consultant from e.g. Qvalify will be a goof help in implementing the changes.