Infrafone connect

Heat Management to provide even more efficient soot cleaning based on Infrasound

Heat Management has been offering effective, low cost operational technologies for on-line fouling management based on infrasound technology for more than 40 years. This enables power plants to significantly improve the performance of the power plant. Heat Management is now releasing a new product, Infrafone Connect that is an add on solution to our Infrafone soot cleaners.

Infrafone Connect is a software tool, for our Infrafone portfolio that will make it easier  to increase the availability and performance of both the boiler and the Infrafone soot cleaning solution. 

The Infrafone Connect unit will measure all necessary performance data online, and via the GSM network send information to Heat Management. This means that Heat Management will be able to secure the long term performance of the Infrasound unit for our customers remotely. It will also be possible to use the data to predict potential service and upgrade needs.

The experts from Heat Management will regularly analyze and report the data from the different Infrafone units to the client and give recommendations for adjustments of the operations of the Infrafone when needed.

The technology is based on a commercial on-line communication advice, who now imports data from the Infrafone control unit, and then export it, in a safe manner, outside the fire wall system of the power plant.

“We are very pleased with the solution that we will now be able to offer to the market. The demand for this service have been known for a long time, and now we are in a position to offer this new technology”, comments Andreas Aspell, Project leader, Heat Management 

With the launch of Infrafone Connect, Heat Management has further strengthen its objective to be the technology leader within fouling management in industrial boilers.

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