Hedensbyn, Sweden

Locations: Hedensbyn, Sweden
Plant information: CHP
Capacity: 92 MWth
Boiler manufacturer: Foster Wheeler
Boiler type: CFB
Fuel: Bark, wood chips, chip (70-90%), peat (10-30%)
Installation year/s: 2014
Infrasound generator: 1 x APX10000
Cleaning area: Economizer and Air preheater

The boiler has a vertical pass with 3 economizer tube packages and 5 air preheater packages. The flue gas temperature into the economizer is some 478°C and out of the air preheater some 136°C.

Each tube package is equipped with steam soot blowers. Before the infrasound generator was installed by Infrafone, the steam soot blowers were used 2 times a day.

Results with infrasound cleaning:

  • The steam soot blowing in the economizer and air preheater has been reduced by 75%. With infrasound cleaning installed, steam soot blowing is carried out once every two days.