How to improve the profitability of your power plant

Our passion is to help Power Plant managers around the world to become more efficient by lowering the costs and improve the profitability of their power plants. It is not an easy job and there are many things that you can do to achieve this. It is not always that Soot Cleaning is on top of their minds, but our experience is that changing the soot cleaning solution can have surprisingly big impact on the profitability. Therefore we have decided to document a lot of our experience and knowhow in the area of soot cleaning and to load it up on our website to make it available for anyone during this year. We have tried to describe what you can improve and how you can achieve the improvements in an easy way. We have also described what options you have by comparing different solutions against each other. Finally it should be easy to  buy and own over time why we have different types of offerings for different customer needs. Our new web is constructed to help you find the relevant content that will be needed for you to be able to take a decision like this and get the improvent for your power plant.

Start your journey on the front page following the three steps or dig down into our knowledge base.

We hope that you like it and please send us feedback directly to me if you think that we could improve our web to support you better in your buying decission.