Hyundai Samho in Korea orders Infrafone’s technology for 10 New Container Ship Buildings for NOL!

Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, an affiliated company to the world’s largest shipyard Hyundai Heavy Industries, is building ten 13,000 TEU Class Container Carriers for NOL that will be operated under the APL brand. Every vessel is equipped with an exhaust gas economizer after the main engine of smoke tube type. Due to the slow steaming transportation strategy of the vessels in order to save fuel and that can lead to higher soot creation and accumulation along the gas uptake, Infrasound Soot Cleaning was included in the vessel specification as the cleanliness of the economizer and the exhaust gas duct is of vital importance for the optimal propulsion of the vessel.

This is the first project that Infrafone sells in Korea in partnership with Hamworthy and it is considered an important step towards the goal of establishing Infrafone’s Soot Cleaning Technology as the obvious and standard equipment to improve efficiency, availability and life time of economizers and boilers by preventing soot accumulation in economizers and exhaust gas ducts in the marine industry. Infrafone have already well established relationships with European shipyards, and the company looks forward to a successful and fruitful collaboration with the Hyundai group.

However, these installations won’t be the first onboard NOL/APL vessels, as Infrafone have a long track record of collaborating with this company, and has retrofitted several of their vessels with Infrafone’s Soot Cleaning Technology.

Maria Barrio
VP Sales&Marketing