Heat surfaces – a hidden energy asset for Industry 4.0 | Sodahuskonferensen 2018

Heat Management participated at Sodahuskonferensen in Stockholm Nov 7th 2018. We are very thankful for the great interest in our products and are now very busy following up all projects for infrasound cleaning and optimized one-way soot blowing.

The title of our presentation was “Heat surfaces – a hidden energy asset for Industry 4.0”. We presented a comprehensive solution and technology for optimizing the recovery boiler to extract more energy. It’s about soot blowing technology, such as optimized steam soot blowing and infrasound cleaning. And how can you use Big Data operation analysis to optimize the individual soot blowing strategies I recovery boilers.

About Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is often summarized as the smart factory, where everything in production is connected by means of digital tools, in order to shorten lead times, avoid operational disturbances or optimize operations.

In the process industry, Industry 4.0 looks a bit different from manufacturing industry. There are a number of similarities but the following things differ:

  • Internet or things, i.e. that machines, systems and people can be in completely different parts of the world and still interact, for example data analysis is done outside the factory by external engineers who can support an operation/maintenance technician with direct measures or advice remotely.
  • Utilization of detailed machine data that is usually too costly to log, or to take out of the control systems, for example the power of smaller motor drives, temperatures, etc., detailed error information.
  • Big Data and compilation of large complex information to easy-to-use information.

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Heat Management complete offering consists of:

  • Preventive low frequency acoustic cleaning Typically used in ECO, SCR and ducts.
  • Optimizing rebuild of steam soot blowers for soot blowing more often or reducing steam consumption by local control of the steam supply to each soot blower. Enabling overlapping soot blowing which enables increasing the number of soot blower starts in critical areas.
  • Big data operation analysis for detailed study of the operational parameters of the boiler.
  • CFD flow analysis for studying e.g problems related to uneven distribution of flue gas flow.

Possible results from using Heat Management’s solutions in recovery boilers are:

  • Halve your steam consumption
  • Increase your electricity production
  • Double your soot blowing power
  • Avoid build ups in goose neck
  • Eliminate bottle neck in recovery boiler
  • Take control of your recovery boiler