Infrafone expands with capital from Almi Invest and Coach & Capital: Swedish, green and profitable high-tech for power plants and ships

Infrafones equipment makes power and heat generation more environmentally friendly and even more profitable with unique low frequency infrasound technology. With new capital from the private equity funds Almi Invest and Coach & Capital, Infrafone can take a step into Europe and begin an international expansion. – Infrafone have strong customer references, a unique technology and a large attractive potential market, says Åsa Otterlund, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.

Profitable investment for the customer
The low frequency infrasound reduces carbon emissions and keeps the boilers free from soot more effectively than traditional techniques which increases the effectiveness and lifetime of the boilers. “Our customers investment is very profitable over the incinerators lifetime compared with traditional methods”, says Mattias Nyström, MD at Infrafone.

High annual growth
The soot cleaning technology was built on the founder Mats Olsson’s invention from the 1970s. Last year the company had sales of 24Mkr and growth has been between 20 and 40 percent annually in recent years. The strong growth is primarily due to technological breakthroughs and an increased focus on selected business areas. We look forward to the companies continued development and expansion into the European market and will be supporting the company throughout this process, says Anders Norlin from Coach & Capital.

About Almi Invest
Almi Invest creates the conditions for entrepreneurial companies to grow by providing regionally, in tandem with other stakeholders in the venture capital market, investment capital, expertise and networks. Almi Invest is organized into seven regionally based venture capital funds and is owned by Almi Företagspartner AB together with regional investors.

About Coach & Capital
Coach & Capital is a venture capital company owned by more than 60 people with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, business development and management from various industries. Coach & Capital’s contribution of networks, expertise and resources is as important as the capital invested in young growth companies with strong and entrepreneurial management.

For further information:
Mattias Nyström. CEO and President Infrafone, mobile +46 70 830 16 33
Åsa Otterlund, Investment Manager, Almi Invest Stockholm AB, mobile + 46 70 299 15 50
Anders Norlin, Investment Manager, Coach & Capital, mobile +46 70 567 55 17