Kingsport, Texas, USA

Locations: Kingsport, Texas, USA
Plant information: Steam boiler
Capacity: 3 Mton DS/day
Boiler manufacturer: Kvaerner/Metso
Boiler type: Soda liquor boiler
Fuel: Mostly soda ash, Na2CO3
Installation year/s: 2014
Infrasound generator: 2 x APX2000
Cleaning area: 2 Ducts (goose necks), 2 Precipitators and Fin-tube economizer

After the economizer the flue gas duct is split into two goose necks, followed by two parallel electrostatic precipitators. There was heavy fouling in these goose necks, where the flue gas temperature is 160-180 °C. The ducts were previously cleaned manually on-line 7-8 times/year by switching off one of the ducts and reducing the boiler load to 50 % during 8-10 hours. It was also heavy fouling at the inlet of the precipitators and inside the precipitators, resulting in high opacity.

Infrafone installed two APX2000 infrasound generators for cleaning the goose necks, the precipitators and the precipitator inlets. A correction of the guide vanes at the precipitator inlets was made at the same time.

Results with infrasound cleaning:

  • Large reduction of spark rate in the precipitators.
  • Stable opacity regardless of boiler load. The opacity used to increase rapidly.
  • There is no need for load reduction and manual cleaning of the goose necks.
  • The fin-tube economizer is generally cleaner compared to before installing infrasound cleaning, so there is also a cleaning effect upstream the infrasound generators.