How the infrasound soot cleaning works

Infrasound creates turbulence in gas flow

The Infrafone soot cleaning method is based on infrasound which causes oscillations within the flue gas flow. The turbulence created by the oscillations prevents accumulation of soot deposits on heat exchange surfaces. This low gas velocity area is eliminated thanks to the turbulence created in the gas flow by the infrasound. See images below for a graphic explanation.

Animation of flue velocity

What happens in the video above is shown in the picture and animation below. The still picture shows the velocity of gas, with a flow rate of 3 m/s, passing 2 pipes. The velocity behind the pipes and close to the pipes contact surfaces is very low.


With an infrasound generator installed we create waves that go forward and backward in the flow direction. The sound pulsation makes the flow turn back into the area around the pipes where the gas velocity is low, creating a cleaning effect to get rid of dust, shown in the Animation.


vel animation 5 fps 3 + 10 m-s