Kristinehamn, Sweden

Location: Kristinehamn, Sweden
Plant information: Heating plant
Capacity: 15 MWth
Boiler Manufacturer: Metso
Type: Grate
Fule: Bark, Tops and branches, wood chips
Installation year: 2012
Infrasound generator: APL1000
Cleaning area: Economiser and convection area

The boiler has a vertical pass with two convection tube bundles and one fin-tube economiser tube bundle. The flue gas temperature into the convection area is 600-700 °C and the outlet temperature of the economiser is ~180 °C.

Each tube bundle is equipped with steam soot blowers. Before the Infrafone installation all tube bundles were cleaned using the steam soot blowers four times per 24 h.

Some of the benefits Infrafone has brought to the customer:

  • Steam soot blowing has been reduced drastically. Now steam soot blowing is used in the convection area and the economizer once every 3-4 days at normal load.
  • Wear of the economizer tube bundles has been reduced.
  • The economizer is kept perfectly clean.