Erik Fors Heat Management

Meet Erik Fors, Project Manager for HISS at Heat Management

We’ve previously introduced Pontus Linder, Product Manager for the High Impact Soot System and Martin Ellebro, our Chief Technical Officer. Now it’s time to introduce Erik Fors, Project Manager and implementation manager for our patented HISS solution. In this interview, we ask Erik about the projects he’s currently working on, the evolution and progress of HISS and what companies need to know before even thinking of implementing the High Impact Sootblowing System (and how to utilize all the excess steam that comes with the implementation)

Q: You work as project Manager for HISS, how’s that like?

Erik: I would say it is both exciting and stressful at the same time. The technology is exciting, and the projects have great potential for the customer, but we do install on sensitive equipment and we constantly must make sure everything works as intended.

Q: The customers are starting to show more and more interest for HISS, can you explain why? Is it a coincidence that it happens now?

Erik: There is a green wave gaining momentum across the globe at the moment, with more and more companies and governments realizing the need to decrease emissions. The beauty of HISS is that not only do we decrease the emissions and help customers go green, but also potentially save them quite a bit of cash.

Q: You’ve implemented several HISS installations now. Can you describe the keys to a successful installation?

Erik: Communication, communication, communication. I realize this sounds like a cliché, but regular communication with customers, suppliers, and sub-contractors really helps to prevent a lot of future problems. Close attention to details also helps.

Q: Is there anything in particular that customers need to be aware of before implementing HISS?

Erik: They better have a plan for how to utilize all that excess steam!

Q: Since you’ve been implementing the system for some time now, can you describe the results of some of the installations?

Erik: We have had installations where the customer has reduced steam consumption by almost half and instead routed the steam through the turbine for increased electrical power output. In other projects, customers opted to increase the load of the recovery boiler instead, and HISS was used to increase the amount of soot-blower starts and help prevent fouling of the boiler. Both are great results.

Q: What’s next? Any projects you’re excited about?

Erik: It is time to take HISS to the continent, and then rest of the world! We have been successful with installing in Swedish mills, and now it is time to expand our horizons. Installation is currently progressing in central European mill and we are all excited about commissioning our first non-Swedish installation.