Martin ellebro

Meet Martin Ellebro, CTO at Heat Management

In our last interview article, we introduced Pontus Linder, our new Product Manager for HISS. In this newly written article, we’re focusing on Martin Ellebro, our CTO at Heat Management. Martin has been with us since the Infrafone years and has been a key asset for our progression. In this interview, we ask Martin about upcoming projects, the evolution of Heat Management and what the future holds for the Greentech industry 

Q: What does it mean to be CTO at Heat Management?

Martin: It means you are involved in a lots of technical aspects in a field having a large impact on energy efficiency etc. The work involves evaluating the specific details at a plant looking for improvements, finding the optimal solutions, making theoretical models, evaluating operational data after having performed projects, developing our solutions and also supporting our digital marketing.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your work? What motivates you?

Martin: I enjoy the interdisciplinary aspects in our projects and the fact that our work is greentech, i.e. positive for the environment. And it is interesting to work with clients from such a wide range of industries and countries.

Q: You’ve been with us since the Infrafone years. What are the main differences within the organization today? 

Martin: The offering of products and solutions/services has increased a lot and become better and better. And the routines of the organization are today more defined, through ISO certifications, making everything run smooth. 

Q: How does Heat Management drive innovation within this industry?

Martin: Several of our solutions are unique on the market and we are constantly launching new features/products to provide optimal solutions. .

Q: There’s a lot of focus on the environmental impact of today’s companies, can you describe how Heat Management handling these types of challenges and what the future brings for the technology you’re using?

Martin: Our unique solutions having a large impact on plant operation stability, emissions, and energy efficiency. And our focus on the green values of using our solutions is growing stronger for each year, following the global development towards sustainability.

Q: How far are we from a world, where every recovery boiler have an HISS-installation?

Martin: It will most probably be impossible to reach 100% coverage but right now everything is developing fast for our HISS solutions, increasing the number of plants using HISS at a high rate.

Q: What’s next? Any upcoming projects you’re excited about? 

Martin: For example investigating in more detail the positive effects we have seen on smelt stability in recovery boilers, a very important aspect of operation stability at the pulp mills. And following the results from a number of initiated project using infrasound cleaning for emission control and other applications in industries that are new to us.