Thierry Magne

Meeting Thierry Magne – A short interview about an exciting life in the fast-moving pulp and paper industry in Asia

Thierry Magne is the regional contact for Heat Management in Asia and France. We managed to catch him in his busy life in the fast-moving Asian Pulp and Paper industry.

Thierry moved to Asia from France 13 years ago. He had a big interest in developing markets and loves the personal challenge to build something new. The Asian pulp and paper industry represented all that compared with the relatively slow growth in Europe in this field.

Thierry: There is a big cultural difference between Asia and Europe. In Asia, the focus is on being fast and not wasting time in long discussions about improvement. In Asia, they always start to talk about how to solve problems and challenge the status quo. 

Thierry has spent almost 20 years of his professional life working with different types of solutions in the pulp and paper industry. He started as a sales manager for a Swedish company in 2007. Since 2019 he is representing Heat Management in Asia and recently France was added to his responsibility. The main focuses are the following markets:

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • France

Thierry: I like to work for Swedish companies. Swedish companies treat you as a human and with respect and they have deep respect the environment and sustainability

According to Thierry Swedish and nordic people, in general, are polite and not arrogant as many other business people. That is highly appreciated in the Asian market. Swedish companies are also a long way ahead when it comes to the environment. Both in their operations but also in developing solutions that have got a positive impact on the environment. The opportunity to turn the pulp and paper industry into becoming more environmentally friendly is huge. Especially in Asia.

Thierry: I found Heat Management and the new solution HISS by a coincidence. It is a brilliant solution and I fell in love with it immediately

He quickly understood that his customers in Asia would benefit from these solutions, specifically considering the size of the pulp mills in Asia. The benefits and advantages of the unique features that HISS provides would mean high interest from large groups such as the Indonesian APP and April. No one can offer anything similar.

Thierry: The solution is extremely flexible and can solve many different challenges for the pulp and paper industry. How you use the solutions and the value it delivers can also be changed over time when the customer priorities are changing. It is a unique solution that can save up to 45% steam. The steam saving can be used for several different purposes like:

  • Increase pulp production without retrofitting the boiler 
  • Increase availability 
  • Generated more power

Thierry: I always ask my customers about what they would do if they had 45% more steam used for cleaning today available for other purposes? That always generated a good discussion

Thierry: I’m passionate about this industry and the challenges that we can help them to overcome. I love to study all the nitty-gritty details and be well prepared for my meetings with the customers. I never stop learning and enrich myself with more knowledge.

Q: What about the market and the trends in Asia?

Thierry: The pulp and paper production is growing and increasing in Asia. Even during the Corona Pandemic. The need for more paper-based products is growing and will continue to grow. There is also a need for the industry to become more environmentally friendly. Especially in maintaining the forest and environment.

Thierry: The future growth in demand for production of tissues and paper boards will need to be done with sustainability in mind and our HISS solution should be used in all recovery boilers due to the energy-saving and optimization it brings to every mill.