Metso Power, Göteborg Energi and Infrafone together for a pioneering project, GobiGas20MW

The project is run by Göteborg Energi in a partnership with E.ON and was granted financial aid from the Swedish Energy Agency. The GoBiGas20MW project will act as a pilot plant for production of synthetic natural gas from biomass. The technology of indirect gasification that will be used is based on an experimental plant from the Austrian company Repotec. The plant will be located at the same site as the existing Rya Heat Water Plant and it will be in operation and produce biogas by the end of 2012.

The gas, biomethane, will at the starting point be extracted from wood pellets but in the future, the resource employed with this purpose will be GROT (i.e. forest residues as branches, roots and tops).

After the gasification process the rest product from the biomass will be burnt in a combustion chamber. It is at this stage that Infrafone will install a Sonic Soot Cleaning System to keep the heat exchange areas free from soot.

Maria Barrio
VP Sales&Marketing