Örebro, Sweden

Plant information: Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP)
Capacity: 170 MWth
Boiler manufacturer: Metso (Kvaerner Power)
Boiler type: CFB
Fuel: Wood Chips
Installation year/s: October 2008
Infrasound generators: 1 x APX5000
Cleaning area: Economizer, Air Preheater

Before the installation of the Infrasound generator, the economizer and the air preheater were steam soot blowed three times per day. After the installation the steam soot blowing has been reduced to only once per day.

Some of the benefits that the Infrasound Cleaning System has brought to the customer are:

  • Increased electricity production due to reduced steam soot blowing.
  • Reduced wear on air preheater and economizer tubes.