Perstorp, Sweden

Location: Perstorp, Sweden
Plant information: CPH
Capacity: 55 MWth
Boiler Manufacturer: Kvaerner (Metso)
Type: CFB
Fule: Tops and bransches, wood chips, small amounts of methanol
Installation year: 2012
Infrasoundgenerator: 1 x APX7000
Cleaning area: Economiser

The economizer consists of four tube bundles. The reason for installing the Infrasound generator was the wear on the tube bundles caused by the steam soot blowers and to increase the availability of the boiler by reducing the number of stops required for manual cleaning. Steam soot blowing was used 6 times per 24 hours and two stops for manual cleaning were required during the main operational season September-May. Some of the benefits Infrafone has brought to the customer:

  • Steam soot reduced by 83 %. Now steam soot blowing is used once per 24 hours.
  • Wear of the economizer tube bundles has been reduced.
  • Eliminated need for manual cleaning.

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