Noise and vibrations

Noise and vibrations

Beyond soot cleaning solutions we offer systems for reduction of noise and vibrations. The technology is best suited for low frequency noise and vibrations in the 15-50 Hz range.

To reduce low frequency vibrations we use our patented vibration damper solution. The vibrations dampers are used together with our infrasound generators to minimize vibrations but can also be used on other vibrating equipment.

Low frequency noise, e.g. noise originating from a fan or engine, is reduced by our sound reflectors designed for noise reduction in a certain frequency span. A sound reflector installation is preceded by sound measurements, e.g. in a duct, to decide proper installation location and design of the sound reflector. We have successfully installed sound reflectors both on combustion plants and ships. After installation noise and vibration measurements are performed to confirm the results.

Sound reflector.

Vibration damper.