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One of this year’s lectures at the recovery boiler conference Sodahuskonferensen was held by Johan Holmér from Heat Management and Erik Dahlén, who invented one of the technologies presented. It was about utilizing the heat transfer surfaces in both recovery boilers and power boilers further by taking advantage of new, revolutionary automatic cleaning techniques.

Johan Holmér, who studied energy technology at KTH, has been working on Heat Management for eight years and has been involved in optimization of automatic cleaning of heating surfaces in recovery boilers, power boilers and other applications where there is soot problem.

– In most boilers, the fouling of heat exchanger during the operating season constitutes a major problem and to keep high availability and reliability of boilers, there are a number of preventive technologies used to keep the boilers as clean as possible until it is time for the annual outage, says Johan Holmér.

Prior to the recovery boiler conference, an article (in Swedish) was published in the Nordic Energy magazine. Read the article here! (page 48-50)