Recent orders on optimized soot blowing and infrasound cleaning

We are very proud to announce having received a major order from a Swedish pulp mill to equip 60 steam soot blowers with our patented HISS solution. The soot blowers are of various brands; Clyde Bergemann, Diamond Power and Superior. 

The main objective is to decrease the amount of steam used by steam soot blowers, so the steam can be used for energy generation instead. Secondly steam pressure will be stabilized and the efficiency of the heat transfer surfaces will be increased and kept high over time in the super heater area.

We have also received orders for infrasound cleaning of two bio fueled URBAS smoke tube boilers in Sweden. The objective is to keep the smoke tube passes and the reversal chamber clean.

We also want to share a photo of an infrasound cleaner commissioned on a biofuel boiler last week.

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