Coal, Poland

Location: Poland
Plant information: Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP)
Capacity: 2 x 225 MWel
Boiler manufacturer: Rafako
Boiler type: Pulverized Fuel
Fuel: Hard Coal
Installation year/s: 2014 and 2015
Infrasound generator: 4 x APX7000
Cleaning area: 2 x Catalyst


The SCRs on each of the two boilers are split into two separate reactors, requiring a total of four infrasound cleaners for both boilers. The elements are plate type and dust load is high, 32 g/Nm3.

Results: A low differential pressure is maintained the whole year without need for manual cleaning. Infrasound cleaning was the only type of acoustic cleaning method that could meet the very strict demands for low noise on site.

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