Söderhamn, Sweden

Locations: Söderhamn, Sweden
Plant information: Thermal Oil Heater
Capacity: 7 MWth
Boiler manufacturer: CAW (Classen Apparatebau Wiesloch)
Boiler type: Oil Burner
Fuel: Tall oil pitch
Installation year/s: 2014
Infrasound generator: 1 x APM350
Cleaning area: Tube walls, tube strokes

At the burner, the boiler has a vertical pass with tube walls (radiation section), where the most of the heat is absorbed. This is followed by a turning chamber and a vertical pass with tube walls (convection section). The flue gas in the radiation section is some 1000°C and out from the Oil heater some 350°C. No soot cleaning equipment was installed in the Oil heater. Up to 3 months could go by before manual cleaning was needed.

Results with infrasound cleaning:

  • The boiler has been operated with 5-10% higher load than before and the flue gas temperature after radiation section has been some 20 degrees lower than before, i.e. the efficiency has been increased.