Sogama, Galicia, Spain

Locations: Spain
Plant information: Heating Plant (HP)
Capacity: 2×75 MWth, Boiler A and Boiler B
Boiler manufacturer: Kvaerner Power (Metso)
Boiler type: CFB
Fuel: Waste
Installation year/s: 2005 and 2007
Infrasound generator: 2 x APX5000
Cleaning area: 2x Economizer

The waste treatment plant in Galicia, has been in operation since 2000/2001. The waste is incinerated in two CFB boilers, each with 75 MW thermal power. The economizer for each boiler consists of six banks. The flue gas flows vertically from top to bottom.

Each bank in the economizer is equipped with one soot blower. Prior to the installation of Infrafone’s cleaning system, each soot blower was operated three times per day during 400 seconds each time. Dust was collected vertically between the tubes or under the tubes in the economizer in the areas where the soot blower steam could not reach.

Some of the benefits that the Infrasound Cleaning System has brought to the customer are:

  • The operation of the steam soot blowers in the economizers has been reduced by 70%.The steam consumption has been reduced accordingly
  • Reduced wear of the tube bundles in the economizer, with the consequent maintenance cost reduction .