Soot Fire Exhaust Gas Boiler, EGB

Fouling (soot deposits) on the exhaust gas boiler tubes can result in soot fire, which in extreme cases can develop into iron fire that causes the entire boiler to burn.

The soot particles in the exhaust gas boiler are unavoidable, since the exhaust gas contains soot particles. What can be made instead is preventing the particles from depositing on the exhaust gas boiler tubes, and thereby preventing fouling. Infrasound cleaning has proven to be an efficient method in preventing fouling, and thereby reducing the risk of soot fire. The infrasound cleaning acts proactive, never letting the soot particles rest on the exhaust gas boiler tubes.

To read more about what causes a soot fire, download MAN’s white paper about soot fire in exhaust gas boilers. Visit our knowledge base to learn more about infrasound cleaning.