Summary of 5 Infrafone installations made in 2015

Infrafone hase made a summary of what results the infrasound has given on 5 land installations made in 2015. The plants covered are:

Plant Boiler Manufacturer
Delfzijl, EEW 2 x 60 MW, SCR, RDF (waste) Alstom
Storvik, Sandviken Energi 4 MW, smoke tube, bio Jernforsen
Tidaholm, Tidaholms Energi 4 MW, smoke tube, demolition wood HOTAB
Västerås, Mälarenergi 167 MW, CFB, RDF (waste) Valmet
Nässjö, Nässjö Affärsverk 12 MW, smoke tube, bio Saxlund (VEÅ)

With the help from infrasound, the boilers have in different ways been optimized. This has been done by increased efficiency (e.g. by reduced use of sootblowers), reduced fuel consumption, fewer outages for manual cleaning etc. Read more about our installations by downloading respectively Case Study from our knowledge base.