Heat Management Sales Conference

The First ever Heat Management International Sales Conference

We are proud to have held the first ever Heat Management International Sales Conference! Our knowledgeable sales representatives from different areas of power generation gathered in Stockholm were we embarked Silja Symphony for the two-day conference. 

The purpose and theme were to educate in our portfolio of technologies to give a deeper and wider understanding of how they are applied to our customers. Having experts in SCR cleaning, recovery boilers and suppliers of heat exchangers and soot blowers in one room created great discussions and lots of interesting ideas and possibilities emerged. 

With representatives from Southeast Asia, India, Germany, Italy, Finland and the USA, regions with different regulations and challenges. A clear overall trend in these regions is the increased demand for electricity pushing the market to use fuel with lower quality while having to meet increasing emission regulation. Not addressing these issues the regions risk to face power deficiency. 

Ulrika Reimer Heat Management

Erik Dahlén dropped by and held a presentation

A highlight at the conference was the presentation by Erik Dahlen, inventor of our soot blowing optimization system HISS, on the need for continuous soot blowing in recovery boilers to avoid sintering of deposits. This is a tricky matter due to the fact that the sintering is hard to detect with operational data and that once it has formed is impossible to remove with online cleaning. We address this issue with our HISS system that enable extra capacity to the sootblowing system, with which the high-temperature areas were sintering occurs can be cleaned more frequently. In the economizer and air preheater instead, the intelligent soot blowing is used to achieve an optimal cleaning pattern, allowing more capacity to be used in the high temp areas or for energy saving.

A huge thanks to all of our representatives for attending the conference. We would also like to thank Silja Line for great service and hospitality.