Martin Ellebro

Meet Pontus Linder, Product Manager for HISS

We are delighted to officially introduce Pontus Linder, our new Product Manager for HISS. Pontus will be a key asset for us moving forward with the development and optimization of the high impact soot system. In this interview with Pontus, we go further and dig a bit deeper. We look at industry trends and discussing upcoming projects, as well as the pursuit for effective steam savings and the importance of working with greentech. 

Again: Welcome Pontus! 

Q: You’ve been a part of the Heat Management team for 8 months now, can you describe what you’ve been up to? Any great projects that you have been introduced to?

Pontus: I’ve been supporting the sales department with technical information, been involved in technical details in ongoing projects and met our subcontractors. We have many upcoming projects, both in Sweden and internationally.

Q: How come you ended up at Heat Management?

Pontus: When I first heard about the company, I became very interested. It sounded very exciting to make energy calculations with such big energy flows and extremely short return of investments. I had earlier experiences from the building automation industry where savings for optimization could be a few percentages, with HISS you can achieve 40-45% savings!

Q: What does it mean to be a Product manager for HISS?

Pontus: I am responsible for the technical solution, further development of the product and to follow up the performance. We know that HISS can achieve great steam savings and that it could be a key component in increased boiler load on recovery boilers. But there are also more benefits to be discovered. For instance, we have seen correlations between increased soot blowing and smelt stability.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your work? What motivates you?

Pontus: To be part of Heat management and to work with HISS, I think that this has great potential and to be part of the journey and to see the development motivates me. But I also like the feeling that we are working with greentech and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Q: How does Heat Management drive innovation within the soot blowing industry?

Pontus: Things are happening in the pulp- and paper industry right now, what was previously produced by oil can now be produced by the pulp- and paper industry by new innovations. This will require a higher demand for pulp and new refinery processes will have an impact on the black liquor composition. HISS is a key component for entire mills by supporting the recovery boilers to handle both higher load and new black liquor compositions by releasing 100% more soot blowing capacity.

Q: What’s next? Any new projects excited about?

Pontus: HISS is fully integrated within the customer’s DCS, independent of the brand. HISS has been developed in ABB 800xA and Siemens PCS7 environment, a customer with different brand requires the development of the software in additional environments. I think that the coming year will require a lot of software development, but also that we will discover new benefits with the technology. I think that the most interesting topics will be in the combination with using both HISS and infra sound cleaner on recovery boilers, its impact on the smelt but also the potential to push the boiler load even further.