Infrafone’s Sonic Soot Cleaner to be installed at EON Mora

A final agreement was reached between EON Mora in Sweden an Infrafone for the installation of two Sonic Soot Cleaner on their 6 MW Waste-to-Energy Grate Boiler. The purpose of the installation is to keep the smoke tube boiler and the economizer clean. The installation of the system will start at the end of November and the system will be commissioned in December.

This is the third project carried out with EON in Sweden. Apart from this new installation in Mora, Infrafone’s Sonic Soot Cleaning System is installed on a 75 MW CFB Boiler at Händelöverket in Nörrköping and on a 170 MW CFB Boiler at Åbyverket in Örebro.

Maria Barrio
VP Sales & Marketing