Heat Management presented at IRRC in Vienna 2018 under the title 'Boosting boiler efficiency and availability through fouling management'. If you missed the presentation, you can download the article here!

What you will learn by reading this article:

For waste incinerators large savings are possible by optimizing the soot blowing system. Heat Management's approach is to use one or several of a unique set of tools:

  • Preventive low frequency (infrasound) acoustic cleaning Typically used in ECO, SCR and APH.
  • Optimizing rebuild of steam soot blowers for soot blowing more often or faster or for reducing steam consumption by local control of the steam supply to each soot blower. Enabling overlapping soot blowing which enables increasing the number of soot blower starts in critical areas.
  • Big data operation analysis for detailed study of the operational parameters of the boiler.
  • CFD flow analysis for studying e.g problems related to uneven distribution of flue gas flow.

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