Fortum Högdalen, Stockholm, Sverige

Plant information: Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP)
Capacity: 91 MWth, Boiler 6
Boiler manufacturer: Foster Wheeler
Boiler type: CFB
Fuel: Domestic and Industrial Waste
Installation year/s: 2009
Sonic Cleaner/s: 1 x APX5000
Cleaning area: 1x Superheater, 1x Economizer

The Hogdalen Plant is owned by Fortum and the city of Stockholm. The plant has a capacity of receiving 700 000 tons of waste per annum. Boiler 6 was built in 1999 in order to receive industrial waste. At the Hogdalen Plant there are two steam turbines for electricity production: – G1 (25 MW) installed in 1969 and G6 (40 MW) installed in connection with the building of P6. The Hogdalen Plant also produces district heating to the city of Stockholm.

In the back-pass there are two superheaters (SH1 and SH2) and four economizer packages (EC01 – EC04). Prior to the installation of the Infrafone sonic soot cleaner, the steam soot blowers were running three times per day in the economizer. Fortum Hogdalen was interested in decreasing the wear on the tubes in the economiser caused by the steam soot blowing, in decreasing the steam consumption and in having a cleaner economizer and superheater.

Some of the benefits that the Sonic Soot Cleaning System has brought to the customer are:

  • Reduced use of steam soot blowers from three times per day to once per day. The target is to reduce the use even more.
  • Decrease in deposits on Superheater 1, on the grid before Superheater 2 as well as on the guide plates that direct the gases downwards after Superheater 2.