Fortum Naantali, Finland

Plant information: Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP)
Capacity: 2 x 110 MWth
Boiler manufacturer: Sulzer
Fuel: Coal
Installation year/s: 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989; upgraded 2006, 2007
Sonic Cleaner/s: 4 x APM500, 1 x APL1000
Cleaning area: 1 x Economizer, 4 x Ljungstrom Air Preheater size 24.5

After installing Infrafone Sonic Cleaning, Fortum Naantali has nearly eliminated the need for steam soot blowing. The steam blowers on the economizer and the 4 Ljungstrom air preheaters are rarely used today.

Fortum Naantali has over the 25 year period as an Infrafone customer experienced the following benefits with Infrafone Sonic Cleaning:

  • Reduced steam consumption for steam blowing.
  • Reduced wear on economizer tubes and air preheater elements.
  • Reduced damage on seals.
  • No unplanned outages for water washing.