Infraljudssotningteknik för katalysatorer (SCR’s)

What makes infrasound the optimal choice of soot cleaning method for catalysts?

To meet future emission levels it is important to keep the catalyst as clean as possible to maximize its efficiency. In catalysts, where the flue gas temperature is relatively low, Infrasound soot cleaning is a method that can result in substantial savings due to its physical properties. The major advantage is that the infrasound technology keeps the low temperature applications cleaner due to its global cleaning effect compared to steam soot blowing, compressed air soot blowing or acoustic cleaning using audible frequencies (sonic horns) since these methods only provide a local cleaning effect. The infrasound technology is compared to other cleaning methods for catalysts and the differences are further described in the White Paper with respect to:

  • Wear
  • Noise level
  • Boiler and reactor efficiency
  • Unstable operation of the boiler

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